About us

With refined courtesy, a stylish environment, by the sea and special taste, the "Mouragio" Restaurant , is in Poros
the ultimate proposal for delicious and quality food.

"Mouragio" Restaurant is located on the coastal road to Punta, the most picturesque area of Poros beach, with small tables by the sea and views of the Poros canal and the opposite beach of Galatas.

The neat environment, next to the sea, combined with the special unique flavors it offers, with "freshness" and impeccable service, rank it among the best of its kind.

At Restaurant "Mouragio", thanks to the care and the first quality fresh ingredients used by the experienced chefs of our restaurant, they create excellent dishes with inspired Italian and Greek flavors.

The above is complemented by the care of the "final" look, by the owner of the restaurant Makis Komninos, for an unforgettable culinary experience.


The owner Makis Komninos created the most delicious Restaurant
in Poros, on the picturesque coastal road of Pounta,
for an enjoyable and special dinner.

What to eat "Mouragio" Restaurant

Unique classic Italian flavors and traditional Greek dishes that will excite you

The menu at "Mouragio" Restaurant is always excellent with Italian & Greek dishes - and not only - from the experienced chefs of our restaurant, who satisfy even our most demanding customers, while we do not forget the suggestions of the day .

At the beginning we offer wonderful appetizers, delicious salads and we continue with a feast of pasta, risotto and meat.

The chef's specialties is Pasta, such as Spaghetti al pesto Genovese, Spaghetti ai frutti di mare, Penne con Pollo, Penne alla verdura, Shrimp spaghetti, Rigatoni ai 4 formaggi, Tagliatelle paglia e Fieno, Tagliatelle ai Funghi Porcini, Tagliatelle ala keka, Tortellini, gnocchi, farfalle and Raviolli Ricotta e spinaci.

As well as dishes with fresh meat, such as burger ala cream with fresh mushrooms and cream, chicken fillet ala cream with fresh mushrooms and cream, chicken fillet with colored peppers, brisket with mushrooms porchini and cream.

In our restaurant, except bottled wines, we offer very palatable house wines, White, Roze or Red. Also Beers Amstel, Heineken, Kaiser, Mythos, Fischer, Stella Artois, Fix, Amstel pilsener and refreshments.

Remember, when you finish your food to taste Panakota, Tyramisou and lemon cream, prepared by our Chef exclusively for customers of the restaurant with fresh ingredients


The coastal road towards Pounta

"Mouragio" Restaurant is located in Punda, the most beautiful, perhaps, location in the coastal area of Poros, which has kept as much as possible, unchanged the graphic elements of the old Poros, whether they are homes, fishing boats and sailboats.

The elders remember that every night there where parties in the beach of Punda. The world went down there to dance and celebrate in the taverns, and later in the bars and clubs.

The shops, even today, keep the tone of authenticity that characterizes it. After midnight, there are bars with tables outside, waiting for you to enjoy a drink and the unique aura of the region. When you find yourself in Poros do not bother to ask where to go at night. Everyone you send in Punda.